We act out of Instincts.

Primitive knuckle-dragging caveman survival Instincts.
And these Instincts guide and direct our daily lives.

This is the truth about human behavior.

The truth
may set you free,
but first
it might piss you off.
Details, research, efficiency, numbers, facts, and proof. We act out of logic and reason. We see the bigger picture, and are capable of objective introspection.
Our Gathering Instinct makes us gather and consume. From having a full stomach, to a house crammed full of stuff, we live with a constant level of fear about running out.
The largest demographic group of human beings. We will do some crappy job, just to provide for our family. We desire security and predictability.
Our Warrior Instinct makes us see the world in terms of wrong or right, black or white, and good or evil. Other people are either friend or foe, there is no middle ground.
Our Inventor Instinct is the reason why we stopped wandering around looking for food and shelter, and started building villages and raising crops.
Constantly making judgements between good and bad. We put the needs of others before our own. We bond through judgement.
Self-centered and high maintenance. We see others as either targets of competition. "Does my butt look too big in these pants?"
It's the reason why there are 7 billion of us. Our random, but consistent craving for sex ensures the survival of the species.


Which Instincts Do You Act Out Of?

1. Do you delight in knowing details or facts?
2. Do you feel good when you can master a process, like using a software program or doing your taxes?
3. Do you try to find the most efficient, most effective way to do something?

1. Do you buy healthy food only to have it rot in the refrigerator while you go out to eat fast food?
2. Do you often feel panicked about money, or having enough of things?
3. If you can sleep in as long as you want to, do you?

1. Do you pretty much take things with a grain of salt and not worry about stuff you can’t control?
2. Do you get up every day and go to work at some crappy job, but you keep doing it because you need the money?
3. Do you have a hobby? Do you collect things or make crafts?

1. Do you believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to do most things, and you know the right way?
2. Do you believe second place is first loser?
3. Do you get annoyed at people who get in your way and delay you?

1. Do you constantly see the way things around you could be improved?
2. Do you often feel depressed because other people cannot see things that are so obvious to you?
3. Have you ever taken something apart just to see how it works?

1. Are you often concerned about the negative and unhealthy ways some people are living their lives?
2. Do you constantly put other people’s needs before your own?
3. Do you want to live as long as you can, and just want everyone to be happy and healthy?

1. When choosing clothes to wear, do you consider what other people, (including strangers), may think of your clothing?
2. Do you have to “make yourself presentable” before you leave the house?
3. Do you get depressed when you see pictures of yourself and realize that you are aging?

1. When a member of the opposite sex, (or same sex - if you are gay), enters the room,
do you give them a once over look and rate them in your head as to whether or not you would have sex with them?
2. Have you ever had sex with someone you were not attracted to, just because you needed to have sex?
3. Are you unable to stop having affairs outside your relationship?