How Men Kill Relationships

The complete title to this section is:

Men, who act predominantly out of Warrior Instinct,
instinctively behave in ways that kill the intimacy
between themselves and their partner,
which results in the end of their relationships.

But, they have no awareness they are doing it.

Men who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct are aggressive by nature. They are forceful and absolutely sure they are right in any given situation.

Many women see this as strength.

It is, in fact, rigidity, stubbornness and potentially abusive.

This behavior is caused by an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex. Men who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct are physically unable to look at their own behavior. They tend to have difficulty admitting when they make mistakes, they seem oblivious to their own behavior, and the consequences of it, and tend to blame others.

Men who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct see the world in terms of black or white, friend or enemy, with me or against me. What binds a woman to a Warrior will often turn out to be the same thing that turns them away from the Warrior. And in his mind she will go from friend to enemy, and from with him to against him.

But he will not be able to see his behavior as the cause of this.
Warriors believe they are always right.
Especially when they are wrong.

Once a Warrior makes a statement he has to stick with it, even if it is blindingly obvious to everyone that his statement is false. Warriors cannot make mistakes. They will go to their deaths defending their position.

This is what makes them perfect for protecting others from dangers that threaten the tribe.

But they are unable to turn off their instinct
when it comes to their intimate relationships.

Men who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct are usually uncomfortable with feelings. You cannot have feelings and be able to pull the trigger and kill an enemy. That causes internal conflict. So these men live with a constant level of denial about the feelings they are actually having. If, as his partner, you point those feelings out, you will become his enemy.

Since many women are in touch with their feelings and talk about them in an open manner, the Warrior will be very uncomfortable in these situations and will physically and emotionally withdraw, until their is no connection left. The woman in this situation will be confused about his withdrawal, and will question him about it, causing him to withdraw further until the relationship is dead in the water.

And then, of course, it will be HER fault because he is not capable of introspection.

In worst case scenarios the Warrior can become physically violent towards his partner. He cannot be introspective, he sees her as forcing him to be introspective, he has to stop it at all costs because it threatens his denial, so he has to shut her up.

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