There is a group of people who are trying to take over our country.
They want to rule the whole earth.
They want to force their beliefs onto all of us.

But they're not Muslims. Or even Christians.

What these people have in common -
Is an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex.

They are Unders.

Unders are easy to recognize:
- They are only capable of black/white thinking.
- They attach emotional content to logistical situations.
- They use fear as a sales technique.
- They justify by comparison to an opposite extreme.
- They assume absolutes - all, always, never, none, every.

When you point this out to them, they will deny it. They have to. Unders are not physically capable of seeing their own behavior objectively.

That's the point.

And, they cannot see the consequences of their own behavior.
And it is difficult, if not impossible, for them to admit when they make a mistake.

These people are a cross section of all human beings.
They are wealthy and poor, old and young, male and female, members of every political group, and from every religion and every skin color on earth.

Regardless of where they are born, or how they grow up, their behavior is identical.

That's because their brains never fully develop.

And we have supported, encouraged, and awarded these people.
We have elected them to public offices.
We have given them the power to affect the lives of millions.
We have placed our futures in the hands of people with underdeveloped brains.
We have given them guns and badges, and trusted them to make good judgements.
We have made movies, TV shows, and written books glorifying and praising under behavior, holding it up as though it was some kind of standard for all of us to aspire to.
We have taught our children to force themselves to think and act like people who have underdeveloped brains.


Our awareness is changing.

We are starting see exactly how unders cause the majority of our problems.

There absolutely needs to be a registry,
a registry of Unders,
to monitor their movements,
and prevent them from causing problems.

We don't need extreme vetting.
We need appropriate vetting

Those who want to run for political office should be required to have brain scans, to see if their brains are fully developed.

Everyone applying for jobs in public service or public safety, congressmen, judges, and police, should all be required to have brain scans.

These are important jobs.

The very least we should require
of someone employed in public service
at any level,
is that they have a fully developed brain.

That's just common sense.

Because, as a species, we understand, that the biggest threat to our safety and security, are people with underdeveloped brains.

But, there are other issues as well.

- Some adults have deformed amygdalae, the primitive part of the brain, which make them perceive enemies where they don't exist.
Are we vetting for this? Before we allow them to dictate policy or create laws?

- Some adults were physically, emotionally, verbally or sexually abused as children.
They may still be carrying around a ball of unresolved anger or fear inside them.
If they don't get professional help, to resolve their issues, they will project that anger and fear onto others, and insist that people are out to get them. Are we vetting for this? Before we allow them to host talk shows, carry guns, or run for public office?

Are we giving them psychological exams, to check this?

Of course not.
We're not that advanced as a species.


We are constantly being forced to choose from a handful of candidates, none of whom appear to be competent or capable of handling the job. And we have to lie to ourselves. And pretend that one of them is capable.

And so we elect someone who has an underdeveloped brain, or psychological or emotional problems, and we watch helplessly as they engage in behavior that threatens our safety and security.

Or we swing our vote to a different party and elect a different person who has an underdeveloped brain or psychological or emotional problems, and watch helplessly as they engage in different behavior that threatens our safety and security in different ways.

This is what we do.

The only thing we can do is to not vote for someone again.
But that doesn't stop their behavior in the meantime.
And besides, what if all of your choices of candidates have mental or emotional problems?
You're screwed..

This whole situation is unacceptable.

Because we have no mechanism to stop this.

We have to choose.
Between the choices that have been put in front of us.
We're not allowed to reject the entire ballot.
To send them back and get all new candidates.

We are forced to choose.
In our free countries.

If there's no one competent enough to be elected, then free elections are useless.

But... If you point this out, you're gonna hear the 'Love It Or Leave It' speech - basicaly: love it or get the hell out of here, so I can't hear you point out my denial.

Because, someone with an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, is physically incapable of realizing that they have an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex.

The piece of your brain that is missing,
is the piece of your brain
that would tell you
that a piece of your brain is missing.

How do we stop this cyclical madness?

We create a mechanism.

We demand that every public servant submit to a brain scan.
We demand that they undergo psychological evaluation.

Demand it.

The right for women to vote,
the right for black people to vote,
became law, because the people demanded it.
This is how we change our country.

Say it loud.
Say it often.
"I demand it!"
"I demand that you prove to me that you are mentally stable enough to hold the job you have."
"I demand it!"

If you want to work for the city as a garbage collector, or be a janitor, or a UPS delivery driver, or a teacher, you need to provide more material proof that you are qualified for the job, than you need to show to be a candidate for the highest positions in some countries.

If you want to work for the FBI, you have to submit to an extensive psychological exam, to see if you are mentally and emotionally stable enough for the job.

But, the most important jobs in our country,
the jobs which involve making decisions
that affect the lives and deaths of millions of people,
the safety and security of their jobs and homes,
there are no such qualifications.

There are no such qualifications.

No candidate is required to prove that they are mentally and emotionally stable enough to hold the job.
That is insane.

These are your public servants.
They work for you.

So demand it.
Say it loud and say it often.
Say it over and over until they are forced to be accountable to the people they are supposed to be accountable to.

And watch very closely how they respond.

If their brain is healthy, and they have no emotional or psychological problems, then they have nothing to fear.
It's only the guilty who will refuse.
The ones who balk at this, are the ones with something to hide.
That's obvious.
They will convict themselves with their own behavior. They have no choice. They cannot control their own responses.

And then you will know
which ones to put on a registry
to be banned from ever holding
a public office of any kind.

Some of them will swagger and boast that they have nothing to hide, and say that they will submit to being tested.
Then they won't do it.
They will lie, cheat and avoid.
They will submit someone else's brain scan in place of theirs.
They will bribe doctors to lie about them.
They will have to.
This is a primitive survival instinct.
They are going to protect their own denial, at any cost.
But eventually, the truth will come out.

So, demand it.
Demand it loudly and often, until they do it.

It's time to upgrade our governments.

Our public servants need to prove that they are mentally and emotionally stable enough for their jobs.