Mind Your Own Business

Remember that?
Our mother's taught us that at an early age.
It's just good manners. It's polite.
But we do it less and less. Why?

As we become more advanced as a species, it is easier to keep our species alive and healthy.
Infant mortality rates have dropped significantly, and life expectancy has more than doubled.
We have medicines and hospitals and research labs and disinfectant and filters for our water and air.
Consequently our Nurturing Instinct has less and less to focus on.
And so it turns our attention to anything that satisfies our instinctive need to feel helpful.

And so we stick our noses
into other people's business.

We see ourselves as being helpful.
Even if it insults the intelligence of the person we are trying to help.
But, since our motivation is to help, then we will instinctively believe that any behavior we do is justified.
Our Nurturing Instinct blinds us to the difference between motivation and behavior.

As we become more advanced as a species we have security and safety we never had as primitive people.
We have doors and locks and weapons and armies and treaties.
Consequently our Warrior Instinct has less and less to focus on.
So do we relax now and have less conflict? No.
Our Warrior Instinct turns our attention to anything that satisfies our instinctive need to feel safe.

And so we stick our noses
into other people's business.

We are acting out of instincts.
And our Nurturing and Warrior instincts are never satisfied.

Our Warrior Instinct makes us believe there are always enemies and always people doing the wrong thing.
We believe that we instinctively know the right way to think and act.
And so we see it as our duty to point this out to other people.

We tell other people how they should be handling the details of their lives.
We see ourselves as being helpful, even if it insults the intelligence of the other person.
We are usually not asked for our opinion, we just force it onto other people.
And judge them negatively if they don't take it.

Our Instinct makes us stick our nose into other people's business.
This is rude. It's bad manners.
But when this is pointed out, it is labeled as something else: Political Correctness.

It is very popular these days to say: "I don't have time to be politically correct,"
and "Political correctness is for cowards and weak people."

There are fully grown adults,
who don't know the difference
between 'manners' and 'political correctness'.

Manners: (noun) -
- The prevailing customs, ways of living, and habits of a people.
- A person's outward bearing; way of speaking to, and treating others.

Political Correctness: (adjective) -
` 1. Marked by, or adhering to, a typically progressive orthodoxy, on issues involving: ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or ecology.

This is not a mistake.
This is a distraction.

This is an attempt by these people to direct us away from pointing out that they have bad manners.
Or no manners at all.
And, having bad manners, or showing no manners at all, is for cowards and weak people.

Our Warrior instinct makes us see ourselves as the center of the universe
and everyone and everything around us as extensions of our own lives.

In our modern world, we still allow Warriors to run our countries.
Because they terrorize us into doing so with their own personal fears.
This leads to management based on fear, and black or white thinking.
Which, inevitably, causes economic problems.

As our economic conditions deteriorate, minding other people's business becomes intensified.

The reason we are minding other people's business
is because we cannot look at the reality of our own business.

Because we have made a mess out of our own business.
And are too cowardly to admit it.

As our Warrior Instinct creates more and more of a mess of our own situation, and the more we cannot acknowledge this, our internal anger and frustration needs to have an outlet.
And so we turn our attention to other people.

We beat up other people
for our own mistakes.

Minding other people's business permeates our day to day behaviour.

Campaigning on the platform that you know best how to mind other people's business, will get you elected to a political office.
And then you can argue with others who also think they know best, and get paid to do it.

It has become the basis of our lawmaking.
It has become the basis of our foreign policy.

We call it 'Diplomacy'.
It has become a reason to invade someone else's country and kill them.

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