National Insecurity

The biggest threat that citizens of any nation face
is the behavior of their own citizens
who are acting primarily out of Warrior Instinct.

The more civilized we become, the safer we make our lives, the less our Warrior Instinct has to focus on.
But, instinctive behavior does not stop. It does not relax or retreat. It is progressive and cumulative.
Those of us who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct live in a constant state of fear.
We have no choice. It is Instinctive.

We are constantly on guard against threats.
If there are no obvious threats, then we will focus on potential threats.

We imagine enemies where they don't exist.
We send soldiers to attack them, causing those we attack to strike back at us.
Which we then see as proof that they were enemies all along.

Our Warrior Instinct
makes us create threats,
because we need to have enemies.

But we cannot admit our own behavior.

People who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct tend to exhibit identical behaviors.
Regardless of where in the world they are born, or their race or sex.

These behaviors include:
- Black or white thinking,
- Forcing others to meet their needs,
- Attaching emotional content to logistical situations,
- Awkwardness with intimacy,
- And fear of others who don't think and act like they do.

Black or White Thinking

Those of us who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct only think in terms of black or white, friend or foe.
If you do not act like our friend, then we will incorrectly assume that you are our foe.

The reality is, that there are at least four choices:
1 - Those who believe one side is right.
2 - Those who believe the other side is right.
3 - Those who believe that both sides are right.
4 - Those who believe that both sides are wrong.

But, those who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct are physically incapable of seeing this.

The reality is, that those who only see two choices - those who are on opposite sides of any conflict, are a very small number of people.
And, they are acting exactly the same as those they oppose.

The Bigger Picture

If there are people in every country that act primarily out of Warrior Instinct, then why are some other countries not hated and being attacked?

Simple. In those countries, people who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct don't get elected to public office.
People don't vote for candidates that are paranoid and delusional.
The Warriors have no leaders.
And television and radio hosts don't have shows where they force their opinions, and use fear to terrorize their audience.
These people would be laughed at and called crazy.

The difference is us.

Forget terrorists or Ebola or unsecured borders,
our biggest enemy is ourselves.

Collateral Damage

The biggest tragedy of the Warrior's behavior is that there are always civilian casualties, and destruction of homes, schools, businesses, roads, and public utilities.

The Warriors call these: 'acceptable losses'.
Acceptable to who?
Acceptable perhaps to the Warriors.
So they don't have to feel the consequences of their own behavior.
But these Warriors are assuming that they have the right to say who dies and whose home gets destroyed in the process.

They do not have this right.

It has never been granted to them by anyone. Ever.

These losses are not 'acceptable' to the people who suffer the loss.
People who have nothing to do with the conflict.

If we stop the ones
who are causing the conflicts in the first place,
then no one who is innocent has to die.

- No homes need to be destroyed.
- No one's property gets stolen.
- No services are interrupted.
- No future enemies are created.
- No companies that make money waging war can influence the government.
- Corruption and debt are dramatically reduced.

It is a small number of people who cause most of the problems.

If we can find a way to stop those who act out of Warrior Instinct from getting into positions of power and authority, then we will quickly resolve most of the conflicts we suffer as a species.

We can fix these problems at their cause.

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