The Perception Of Enemies

Our Warrior Instinct inspires us to constantly be on the lookout for enemies.
For millions of years we wandered in small groups.
We trusted the ones who acted predominantly out of Warrior Instinct to keep us safe.
We gave them leadership positions because they terrified us with stories of enemies lurking just over the next hill who want to kill us and steal everything we have.
The enemies over the next hill were people from another group, led by those acting predominantly out of Warrior Instinct, who were saying the same thing to the rest of their group.

We continue to do this.
We are cavemen with cellphones.

Even though we are civilized,
- Even though we have stopped wandering, and built permanent dwellings,
- In spite of the amazing advancements we have made in providing for ourselves, protecting our children, and building nations that work in harmony with each other - there is still a percentage of human beings who continue to terrify the rest of their group with fears of enemies lurking just over the next hill.

There is still a percentage of us who believe

The more peaceful we become as a species, the more frightened the ones who act out of Warrior Instinct become.
They are sure there are enemies out there. Everywhere. Just waiting to pounce.
And, when no one pounces, they act preemptively.
Which has become our new foreign policy.

Now, the ones who act predominantly out of Warrior Instinct are going over the hills
and looking for anyone who could POTENTIALLY turn into an enemy, and try to kill them first.

Defense has become offense.

The leaders of nations, acting predominantly out of Warrior Instinct have terrified their people with fear of terrorists and threats of attacks.
And so they rationalize sending out troops to kill these enemies before they get to our country.
This has enraged the people in those countries we have entered, and turned them into enemies.
It inspires them to strike back at us.
And when they do, it reaffirms that we were right.
That they were enemies after all.

Self fulfilling prophecy.

Basically, our Warrior Instinct is creating enemies
to fulfill its core belief that there always are enemies.

But, the ones who are doing this, have no awareness of their own behavior.
Nor, can they see the consequences of it.
We cannot admit that we have caused these people to hate us and to attack us.

There is significant medical evidence that people who have a constant level of fear often have an enlarged Amygdala - a primitive part of the brain associated with triggering fear and anxiety.
The Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex are key brain regions involved in threat detection and fear regulation - (link).

If we perceive enemies where they don't exist, it may be due to the physical structure of our brain.
This, in turn, motivates us to act out of Warrior Instinct.
This is obviously instinctive behavior.
Because it doesn't make rational sense.

The more civilized we become, the safer our countries get, the less our Warrior Instinct has to focus on.

But, our Instincts don't stop.
They don't fade away.

Our Instincts are survival mechanisms.
And they are cumulative and progressive.

The safer we become, the more panicked our Warrior Instinct makes us feel about potential enemies.
And so, it is creating them at an increasing rate.

Our Instincts are progressing
in direct opposition to our reality.

There is a percentage of human beings born every day who will grow up acting primarily out of Warrior Instinct.
This is a random yet consistent segment of the population that is born with enlarged Amygdalae.
Their job, in the human hive, is to protect the others from enemies.
Which means, there always has to be enemies, or these people have nothing to do.

Those we have put in charge of our security,
pose the biggest threat to our security.
Because they perceive enemies where there are none.

Our Warrior Instinct serves the human hive with a very important purpose.
We have no natural predators: viruses, and a few large animals.
But, certainly not enough to keep up with the rate at which we reproduce.

Our Warrior Instinct guarantees that a certain percentage of human beings
will act out of fear and anger and create reasons
to justify killing other human beings at a regular pace.

Our Warrior Instinct is the mechanism
that we use to thin our numbers.

Terrorizing people with fear of enemies,
helps to thin the species by generating reasons to kill people.

How is this accomplished?

We don't go through the hospitals and kill off the sickest 10%.
We don't kill everyone over 80 years old.

This is not survival of the fittest,
it is survival of the random.

We thin our species through warfare and random acts of violence.

One way our Warrior Instinct operates is to target demographic groups.
For example: If one Muslim shows hatred towards a Warrior,
then ALL Muslims will be perceived of as enemies.

"If One, Then All",
is a primary core belief of our Warrior Instinct.

So our Warrior Instinct can motivate us to hate and fear ALL Muslims.
If we attempt to kill ALL Muslims, then we will kill old people, young people, healthy people, sick people, wealthy people, poor people, etc. We will kill a random sample of Muslims.

The Romans did this with Christians.
The Nazis did this with Jews.
The next wave is shaping up to be Muslims.

Our Warrior Instinct is the instinctual way
that we slaughter of a random sample of human beings based on a demographic.

Is an efficient and effective way of thinning our species.

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Cavemen With Cell Phones