What Happened To Education?

A major change in education has taken place in the last 40 or 50 years.

Our teachers used to be people who acted primarily out of Hunting and Inventor Instinct.
These Instincts help us to see the bigger picture.
And so these teachers could inspire and teach children to teach themselves.
But, as more and more leaders, who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct, cut the education budgets in favor of bigger defense budgets, our teachers changed.

And consequently, those teachers who act primarily out of Hunting and Inventor Instincts, saw the bigger picture for themselves.
They left education jobs to find other work which paid them enough to support their families.

These people were replaced by people who act primarily out of Nurturing Instinct.
Because they will work for less.
And people who act primarily out of Nurturing Instinct, will sacrifice their own needs for the needs of those children.
Of course they will, they are instinctively driven to do so.

Unfortunately, our Nurturing Instinct makes us see a much narrower picture
than our Hunting and Inventor Instinct.

And we can only teach
what we know.

And so these teachers will teach what is important to people who act primarily out of Nurturing Instinct.

Specifically, that they should try to get along with other people. That they should focus on positive things, and avoid negativity and conflict.
Teachers who act primarily out of Nurturing Instinct will shame children about their anger instead of validating their feelings.
They will constantly remind them about things that are common knowledge.
And they will teach these lessons using shame, guilt and fear as motivators.
This does not prepare our children to invent great things.
Or inspire them to find their own paths based on their own internal desires.

It does not inspire them to learn.

Teachers who act primarily out of Nurturing Instinct, cannot teach children to learn.
Only someone who acts primarily out of Hunting and Inventor Instinct can do this.

- What effect does this have on our children? -

Children who act primarily out of Nurturing Instinct respond well to a teacher who also acts primarily out of Nurturing Instinct. Because they are reaffirming the core beliefs of their common Instinct.
These are the most popular children in the class, aiding their teacher in shaming the others for not thinking and acting like them. These children are often called the teacher's pets.

Children who act predominately out of Warrior Instinct will reject these Nurturing Instinct teachers. They will respond negatively to the shame, guilt and fear, and become 'problem' children. In essence, teachers who act primarily out of Nurturing Instinct are inspiring aggressive negative anti-social behavior by thinking that they are doing the opposite. But, since they have no awareness of their own behavior, they have no clue that they are actually setting up a segment of our population to have problems with authority for the rest of their lives. And, that they are actually fostering the Warrior Instinct that motivates the behavior that causes the most problems for our entire species.

Children who act primarily out of Inventor instinct are uninspired and bored. They realize very quickly that their level of perception is greater than their teacher's, and their depth of perception is far deeper. This leads them to believe that their teachers cannot teach them anything. For this, they will be shamed by their Nurturing Instinct teachers. Which simply reaffirms for them that their teachers are dumber than they are. These children emotionally check out. They become social outcasts. For which they are judged negatively and shamed again. The cumulative effect is that these children are being set on a path of feeling like they don't belong, for the rest of their lives.

With such a small percent of human beings acting primarily out of Inventor Instinct, these children are few and far between. Unfortunately, these are the true geniuses of our species. But, their creativity and vision is not being supported. It is being crushed by teachers who cannot see it, and are not instinctively equipped to help them. These children feel defective and alienated. This leads to dropping out, not caring about education, using drugs and alcohol, and all sorts of anti-social behavior. For which these children will be shamed again.

Children who act primarily out of Worker and Gathering Instincts do the bare minimum in order to get through school, nodding and agreeing with their teachers as they go. These children are not the best students, but they don't fail either. They are told that they don't 'apply themselves' enough. Those of us who act primarily out of Worker and Gathering Instincts account for over half of all human beings. Including our children. So this is usually the bulk of the class. They shuffle through, quietly, never being A students, and are happy with a B or a C. They do what they have to do to graduate and then move on with their lives. They are not tardy, don't skip school, and they have no disciplinary problems. Even at a young age, these individuals are already taking everything with a grain of salt, and not sweating the small stuff. Or, the big stuff.

Children who act primarily out of Hunting Instinct quickly realize the situation and maximize it to their own benefit. Again, since only eight percent of the population acts predominantly out of Hunting Instinct, there are only one or two of these students in any given class. These children are self starters and undertake projects on their own. They usually don't need guidance or inspiration, they have been born born with it. These children sparkle and shine in their class, receiving accolades from their teachers. Their teachers may try to take some of the credit for the work of these students. But children who act primarily out of Hunting Instinct will do well regardless of who their teachers are. And what instinct they act out of. These children typically go on to higher education where they encounter teachers who also act out of Hunting or Inventor Instincts. They typically go on to earn advanced degrees in higher education.

And so, the outcome of having teachers who act predominantly out of Nurturing Instinct is: Most of the children just shuffle through, uninspired, and looking at the clock, counting the days to graduation.
A few of them do well.
One or two truly excel.
Some develop negative attitudes and fight.
Some feel lost.

And so the statistics on education
continue to fall
because of the effects of our Nurturing Instinct.

Nations where the teachers act primarily out of Nurturing Instinct
continually fall behind nations that employ teachers that act out of Hunting and Inventor Instincts.

- What do we do about this? -

Enter our Warrior Instinct.
Warrior Instinct makes us use force to get our needs met.
And so we try to force statistics to rise, by forcing standards on all of our children.
But whose standards?
The standards of teachers acting primarily out of Hunting and Inventor instincts?
The standards of teachers acting primarily out of Warrior and Nurturing Instincts.

The Instincts that drive us
to try to force outcomes.

We are trying to control the outcomes of our educational system
by dumbing down the education of our children
to the level of comprehension of our Warrior and Nurturing Instincts.

By doing this our education system drops the overall level
of intelligence of our children below other countries
that are still teaching out of Hunting and Inventor instincts.

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