Kinds Of Behavior

Human beings act out of different kinds of behavior.

Logical (or Rational)

Logical behavior is based on choice. In every situation we have a choice of behavior. Logical behavior is seeing the choices available to me and making a rational decision about how to act.


From the moment we are born, we learn how to act based on our observation of other human beings. Primarily we learn from our parents or other adults we observe. These behaviors include how to communicate, eat, clean ourselves, basic manners, etc. 'Socialized' behavior is behavior we learn from other human beings in social settings. For example: wearing black to funerals, celebrating birthdays, standing a certain distance behind someone who is using the ATM so they know we are not memorizing their pin number.


Forced behavior is behavior that we force ourselves to do, or someone else forces us to do. For example: forcing ourselves to be polite to our in-laws to preserve our marriage, forcing ourselves to listen to our boss drone on and on about his golf game, forcing ourselves to go to a menial dead-end job, day after day, just to feed our family.


This is the behavior we have the least awareness about.
It is possibly born in our DNA and operates at a subconscious level. And, since we are largely unaware of it, it is responsible for most of the problems we have.

Cavemen With Cell Phones is a book about this Instinctual behavior.

Instinct -
: an inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species.
: a natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency.
: a way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is not learned.
: a natural desire or tendency that makes you want to act in a particular way.
: something you know without learning it or thinking about it.

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