Are We Supposed To Be
Contributing To Climate Change?
Is That Why We Exist?

Climate change. Global warming.
We see it as a black or white situation. And everyone knows both sides.
And we all seem to gravitate to one side or the other:

1- Climate change is real. Humans are contributing. It's killing us.
2- Climate change is a hoax. Burning fossil fuels is fine.

What if it's all true?
What if climate change is real, and humans are supposed to be contributing to it, and it's killing us?
And, a percentage of us are supposed to think it's a hoax,
so that we will continue to burn fossil fuels, and help the earth change its atmosphere?
And kill ourselves off in the process?

What if this is exactly why we exist?

Look at the situation:
Around the world there are power shifts going on that keep putting people in power who deny the science that proves that our climate is changing.
They think it's a hoax. And they cannot accept the proof that human beings are contributing to global warming.
Despite the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and thousands of scientists, and 125 member nations declaring that it is real, and needs to be stopped, why does this small number of people still refuse to accept the evidence?
Why are these people so adamant, so convinced in their own denial, so driven to contributing to climate change as much as they possibly can?
Even human beings that have nothing to personally gain from supporting industries that contribute to global warming.

It is a small number of people who are the hoax banner wavers, and somehow, they end up getting the power to continue allowing behaviors that contribute to climate change.

Could it be,
that the earth is using them for it's own purposes?
Could it be,
that this is exactly what the earth wants?

The earth is a living organism and makes no mistakes.
The earth owns us, it created us.
We are dependent on it for our basic needs: air, water and food.
In exchange, are we doing a job for the earth?
Are we helping the earth to change its atmosphere,
so it can progress to the next stage of its life?

The earth has had three atmospheres so far, each different in chemical composition.

The first atmosphere, was primarily hydrogen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, ammonia and methane. The second atmosphere emerged during the Great Oxygenation Event, when the earth created a species called Cyanobacteria, or Blue-Green Algae. They consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Cyanobacteria caused one of the biggest extinction events in Earth's history.

The earth itself produced a single species, Cyanobacteria,
which changed the chemical composition of it's atmosphere,
and, killed off most of the life forms present, in the process.

The earth has done this before,
it can do it again.

Our present atmosphere is mostly nitrogen and oxygen.
If the earth needs to change its atmosphere again how would it do it?
It would create another species to do the work.
Are we that species?
Has the earth evolved us into a species,
that can deplete oxygen levels, and create carbon dioxide,
in order to help the earth to melt its polar ice caps,
flood its surface, and enter the next phase of its life?

It is not logical for us to invent technologies that destroy our own ability to breathe.
It is not rational for us to make the profits of oil companies more important than protecting the environment.
But we do it.
Consistently and repeatedly.
Because we are not acting rationally or logically.
We are acting Instinctively.

We seem to be
instinctively doing
the work the earth needs us to do.
Is this the way the earth
has wired us to think?

In order for us to help the earth, we would need 3 things:

First - A group of beings who will engage in behaviors that deplete the oxygen in the atmosphere and create carbon dioxide. These beings must not be able to see the consequences of their behavior, or they will not do it. They must not be able to be introspective. To accomplish this, a consistent percentage of human beings must be born with a mutation that stops their prefrontal cortex from fully developing. Without the executive functions of their prefrontal cortex they will perceive reality only in terms of black or white, attach emotional content to logistical situations and vehemently deny and reject any attempt to make them aware of their own behavior, and its consequences.
Our Warrior Instinct appears to be the evolutionary product of this mutation, which guarantees, for the earth, that these beings will work to change her atmosphere.

Second - Another group of beings that will shame those who are acting primarily out of Warrior Instinct, and tell them that they are wrong and bad. This is vital. Those who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct are easily distracted and will get sidetracked into fighting with each other. They need to be kept on task.
Our Nurturing Instinct appears to be the evolutionary product of this need. The earth produces a consistent percentage of human beings that act primarily out of Nurturing Instinct, who will shame the Warriors. When you shame a Warrior they will only work harder to do what they are doing. Because they are incapable of introspection, due to an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, they can never admit they are wrong. Constant shame and guilt, along with actual scientific proof of how their behavior negatively impacts human life, is critical to keeping these Warriors focused on their task.

Third - A group of beings whose immediate needs are satisfied by the activities of those acting out of Warrior Instinct. This allows Warriors to point to them and say, "See, these people are better off because of me, so therefore I must be right". This third group must have an instinctive desire for immediate gratification. With over half of the human beings on earth acting primarily out of Gathering and Worker Instinct, this insures that the Warriors will have all the validation they need to continue. The core desires of our Gathering Instinct generates the demand for goods and services that contribute to the change in the atmosphere. And the core desires of our Worker Instinct creates the work force that will actually do the job.

Beyond these 3 groups the earth would also need a very small portion of beings who act primarily out of Inventor Instinct who can create the technology to cause this physical change.
Also a small portion of the population acting primarily out of Hunting Instinct that will do the research and provide the facts, data and proof that the atmosphere is changing, so that those who act out of Nurturing Instinct have something to shame the Warriors with.

The whole system appears to be operating
effectively and efficiently.

Don't believe it?
Apparently, we are not even supposed to realize it's happening.
We are supposed to continue doing the job that we were created to do, in order to help the earth live its life.
Because that is why we exist.

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