All Governments Become The Feudal System

A country consists of three things:
1. A physical area of land.
2. The people who live there.
3. Some form of unifying government.

It is the job of the government to convince the people that these three are inseparable.
But, the reality is, that the land and the people are constant.

It is the forms of government that come and go.

Throughout our history as a species,
monarchies have been the longest running and most stable form of government.
This is because the monarchs usually owned the land that the people were living on.
Therefore, two of the three were bound together.
But, even monarchs have been overthrown, and their land taken away.

The Voice Of The People -

New concepts of government have been created by those who act
primarily out of Inventor and Hunting Instincts. They see the bigger picture.
And try to create something that will give the people a voice in their own government.
These governments, however, rapidly become vehicles for other instinctive behavior.

Giving people a voice in their own government inspires those of us who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct to try to use that government to force our own views onto all the people.

Our Warrior Instinct makes us believe
that we know better than other people
how those other people should be thinking and acting.

Forcing our own personal beliefs onto the people and the land actually takes away the people's voice and turns the government into a dictatorship.
Some of the people will reject this forcing and start to see the government as separable from the people and the land.

Desperate to maintain control, the Warrior driven government will take away the freedoms of the people to question or reject their government.
Eventually resorting to turning weapons on their own people in order to force all three to stay together.

Representation -

The biggest selling point of a representative democracy, or a democratic republic, is free elections. The concept is that you can elect a representative who will act on your needs and wants.

But if the person you voted for
doesn't get elected,
then your needs and wants
will not be represented.

At any given time, in any 'democracy', the needs and wants of a huge chunk of the population are not being represented.
And, as the elections swing from party to party,
the government becomes a place where some of the representatives of some of the people
get to force their will onto all of the people.
And then, when the other party achieves a majority,
they spend their time trying to undo what the other party did, and force their own beliefs onto all the people.

Government gets dumbed down
to a juvenile pissing contest.

This is why republics collapse, because they are, by their nature, unstable.

Representational governments also fail because they are too easily corrupted by the wealthy.
A small group of wealthy people, acting primarily out of Inventor Instinct, can easily manipulate representatives who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct.
They financially support the elections of those Warriors, who have no awareness that they are being used.
In return, these Warrior representatives force legislation through that financially benefits their sponsors.

The Feudal System

Countries used to be run by monarchs who owned the land, had the most money and therefore the most power.
Below them were a small number of nobles and knights who swore loyalty to the monarch.
And, in exchange, received favors.
And below them were the bulk of the population: the peasants.
The people who generated the wealth of those above them, and were forced to pay taxes.

This is the feudal system.

In the United States, the Congress, The President and The Supreme Court
are supposed to rule by their combined power and authority.
In reality, they are the second level of the modern feudal system.
The true rulers of the United States are the small handful of individuals that use their wealth and power to direct, manipulate and force the The Congress, The President and The Supreme Court for their own personal gain.

Who are these people?

These human beings act out of a rare combination of instincts.
They act predominately out of Inventor instinct which allows them to see a bigger picture than most other human beings.
This is what gives them the edge to manipulate others.

They also have just enough Warrior Instinct to know how to force other people to do things for them.
And just enough denial so they would feel no guilt for their behavior.
They also have just enough Gathering Instinct to have a constant appetite for more, and a lack of balance that would tell them when they have enough.

These are the people who have amassed over 30 trillion dollars hidden in offshore banks. (Link)

They invest in both sides of political races, so whoever wins owes them loyalty.
They invest in both sides of military conflicts so they make money regardless of the outcome.
They fund terrorists and supply military hardware to fight terrorism.
This is where their Inventor Instinct shows through.
They feel no loyalty to anything except their own desires.
While those who act out of Warrior Instinct are fighting over wrong or right,
these individuals are laughing all the way to the bank.

They invest in rising stocks, and they also short sell.
Thus making money whether the stock market rises, falls or stays neutral.

Instinctive Government

Human beings act out of instincts.

It makes no difference what kind of government we invent:
monarchy, republic, aristocracy, dictatorship, democracy, oligarchy, or plutocracy.
All forms of government eventually degenerate into the same situation,
where the richest people have power over everyone else.

All of them become the feudal system.

Which appears to be the form of government that we humans instinctively gravitate towards.

The organization of our societies used to be based around wealthy kings, a small number of nobles and hundreds of peasants.
We still have kings.
In some countries our kings are still one person.
In some countries our kings are a body of elected representatives.
In some countries our kings are the richest 1% of the population.

Because of their enormous wealth and influence in all world markets, and their manipulation of politicians in the wealthiest countries, the richest humans in the world can manipulate outcomes in every country on earth.

Because currency, is the absolute ruler of all.

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