Our Survival Instincts Are Killing Us

We act out of primitive Survival Instincts.

One of these instincts, our Warrior Instinct, serves the human hive with a very important purpose:
Our Warrior Instinct guarantees that a certain percentage of human beings
will act out of fear and anger,
and find reasons to justify killing other human beings at a regular pace.

We have no natural predators: viruses, and a few large animals.
But, certainly not enough to keep up with the rate at which we reproduce.

- We self police our numbers
through warfare and random acts of violence. -

We do not go into hospitals a and kill off the sickest 10%.
We do not kill everyone over 85 years old.

When we drop a bomb on a village we kill old and young, sick and healthy, male and female.
We kill a random sample of human beings.

This is not survival of the fittest,
this is survival of the random.

This is normal human behavior.
Normal does not mean good, or right, or acceptable.
Normal means what usually happens.
It means: What happens more often than not.

Every day, people kill other people.
Some in the name of religion. Some for money or land.
Some are inspired to protect their homelands from threats.
Some are deliberately trying to take control of other people's land.
Some are motivated out of mental illness.
And some are acting out of instinctive behavior.

Psychology is our most popular religion right now.
We believe in its ability to explain our behavior.
Unfortunately, psychology cannot explain instinctive behavior.
Without a clear understanding of Instinctive behavior,
we are only capable of explaining how our behavior might have been psychologically triggered.
But, some psychologists are starting to talk about how people seem to be 'Hard Wired' to do certain behaviors.

Awareness of our Instinctive behavior is just beginning.

In the last 400 years, we have developed the ability to manipulate birth and death rates to our advantage.
One child in eight used to survive, now one child in eight dies.
Everything happens in balance.

For every advancement we make in saving lives,
we make equal advances in taking lives in a random fashion.

This is our Warrior Instinct balancing out the work of our Nurturing Instinct.
We are self-correcting as a species.

And the denial mechanisms of our Warrior and Nurturing Instincts block us from seeing this.
They have to.
If we became aware of the situation, we might not instinctively continue doing it.

Those who act primarily out of Warrior or Nurturing Instinct account for less than half of the human population.
Most of the rest of us can see the truth.

As nations,
the two things that we spend most of our money on,
is killing people, and trying to keep people alive.

If you look at our behavior, without any judgement,
you will see our Instincts.

All things happen in balance.

Those of us who act primarily out of Nurturing Instinct are not going to stop trying to save every baby, are we?
And those of us who act primarily out of Warrior Instinct
aren't going to stop killing people we perceive as enemies, are we?

We act out of Instincts. Basic primitive survival Instincts.

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